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You have found a nice house for sale and you are going to move? Do you have renovation projects? You simply wish to change your decor? Because it is sometimes difficult to imagine the expected result, you can count on your online decorator to guide you.

Exhibit everyday objects

Either to give them a second life, like creating a wall of playmobils by sticking them to the paste to be fixed. Guaranteed effect.

Or to mix the useful with the pretty, like decorating your walls with jewelry, necklaces, earrings, it's a way to display the objects that are dear to us. The result will be more personal than a simple frame and costs nothing. Plus, it's a good excuse to buy jewelry (but shhh!).

In the kitchen, you can display your spices, it frees up your drawers, you can accumulate spices brought back from your travels...

Exhibit his beautiful magazines, his books. Our readings introduce us, it is also a way to share through its decoration our tastes, what marks us.

All this so as not to confine an object to a single use.

Use the defects to make unique qualities

My dark kitchen has been deliberately painted in marine to create a strong and very intimate atmosphere. Rather than a white kitchen that would have always seemed sad and gray. I accentuated its character.

A badly positioned radiator, a pipe going through a wall... I put them forward by painting them in a contrasting shade of the rest.

A fridge visible in the living room or more glamorous in the kitchen can be covered with an adhesive that will make it a real asset.

Avoid the catalog effect

You should avoid buying everything new and in the same place so as not to have a "catalog page" effect. "I find that interiors always have more charm when it's a clever mix of new and old.


Don't hesitate to go to flea markets, to go to Emmaus or to create alerts on the right corner to track down a few vintage items that are scattered here and there among other more recent furniture. It helps to create a soul instead!


Do not hesitate to give a second life to the furniture we no longer like by repainting it and changing some details (legs, handles ...) Our kitchen table was taupe color and did not contrast very well with the dark gray waxed concrete floor. Rather than replacing it we simply painted it in matte white which makes it stand out very well in the loft and gives it a completely different style.

Put your money on plants!

Whether on shelves in the kitchen or in the living room or at the foot of our canopy, they act as a decoration by themselves and create a very green and slow life atmosphere that we love!

Crack for wicker

I am completely under the spell of wicker hangers and baskets of all kinds. Accumulating the baskets on a nice peg allows you to create a bohemian corner that makes an effect at a lower cost!

Put the paintings on the furniture

I hate drilling holes in walls, it panics me. So I decided to put the paintings on the furniture and the mirrors on the floor. Another advantage: nothing is definitive and everything can move at will.

Multiply the small seats

Rather than having a cluttered room, I have a single sofa, and various small armchairs, benches, stools and chairs. This allows me to redistribute the seating in the living space quite easily according to the time of day and the needs. This way, my children also have access to furniture that fits their size. The coffee table in the living room combined with a mini chair made of rough wood or a bench, and voila, here is a small desk to draw or play Lego!

My suitcases to hide my mother's suitcases

I have in the living room area metal suitcases that at first glance seem only decorative but which are really my "hideouts" with balls, and works in progress. It's also a good way to quickly put away all the little toys of the children who hang out in the living room. If they don't put them away, they know where to find them! They are sometimes happy tote bags, but at least, it's closed and my eye is not attacked by the surrounding disorder.

Test, try

Decorating a house is a way to express yourself, to be creative, to create a place that resembles us, that soothes us. But to do so, you have to try different things: experiment, move your furniture, and re-shake it again... Try different colors: you can easily repaint a wardrobe, a mirror frame, a chair.... No need to make expensive changes. Try different wallpapers on a wall (no need to make a whole room) until you find a balance in the decoration you like. And when you get bored, you can always start again!

Take your time

It's very important, when you live somewhere, to feel the energy in a house or in a space, before you do all your decorating. You have to take your time, think about it, buy furniture and decoration pieces as you go along. A beautiful decoration, with a soul, is something that comes with time.

A decoration to live

A house is above all a place to live.... there is nothing worse than being afraid for the carpet or the sofa because of the children or when friends come. Look for solutions that are pretty but not too fragile and above all, in line with your budget. This is a place to live, not a museum !


Mixing antique and contemporary objects to give soul to your interior, this also applies to furniture and walls. You can create a cabinet of curiosities effect by mixing frames, objects, and jewelry.

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